Sunday, January 29, 2017

Would you date a co-worker or a boss?

   Dating a co-worker or even your boss is almost always a challenge, or at the very least it is often a problem both for you and the coworker you date. It is only natural for people to start feeling romantic emotions when working together in an enclosed space of an office for long hours of work and so you may tend to like each other. Even so, there are certain risks and pitfalls associated with a romantic relationship that emerged at the office.
    If you find yourself willing to start dating a coworker, it may so happen that you may lose your job if your love is not serious. Losing your job may result because you may end up hating your coworker if things don’t work out and you won’t be able to stand his or her presence. Therefore, if you are sure about your partner, try not to hurry for a while and to keep your feelings under wraps from other colleagues.

   When hearing about office romances, people always ask questions like why would you need hiding your intimate relationship with a coworker from others? Is it something wrong or illegal? One can’t say that it’s bad, but there are risks that the romance will not turn out well and your reputation, as well as your career at a company, will be damaged.
   When an office romance occurs, there are three possible results: the relationship get spoiled, and your career is jeopardized; it ends with nothing and you both act as if nothing ever happened; the feelings work out, and dating develops into marriage.
   By applying the following measures, you can reduce the above risks and minimize any potential damage to your life:

  • Do not ever hurry in getting too close to a relationship with the coworker you care for. Try to become friends first, and then consider moving on.
  • Do not tell anybody about your romantic situation.
  • You and your loved one need to think of a plan to follow when people around will start gossiping about you.
  • Always keep the distance when you are together at the office.
  • Finally, get a clear idea of what the destination of dating and love is going to be.
   Most people would never date a coworker let alone a boss, yet, there are instances when relationships worked out and ended up in a marriage. It’s worth noting that happy ends I’ve heard of were possible only if the dating coworkers worked in different departments.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

6 Translator Career Tips

 A novice translator may be easily discouraged if faced with demanding clients and low-paid time-consuming jobs. However, as a lot of work comes from referrals and positive recommendations, a sure way for a translator to become successful is building a good reputation. Whether you’re new to translation or have been in the business for years, follow these tips to build the reputation you want.

1) Knowledge. Knowing your working languages thoroughly is essential. You should be aware of the differences between your first and second languages to avoid the pitfalls of translation. If you have been brought up in a bilingual environment, you have an advantage of knowing two languages like a native speaker. Modern media provide all the opportunities to listen, watch and read in your working language as much as you wish. It will help you keep up-to-date with the grammar, terminology and even slang of your working languages.

2) Back translation. Translating your text back into the original language without consulting the original text will help you highlight any mistakes or unclear meanings.

3) Second opinion. Even if you are an experienced translator, it might be difficult for you to assess your translation. Try to consult other colleagues or native speakers. The native speakers are best placed to tell how adequate your translation is. All ambiguities in meaning or inappropriate use of vocabulary will disagreeably fall on their ear.

4) Using opportunities. Try to remember the words you looked up in a dictionary at a first try. Using CAT-tools when translating a text with a lot of repetition will save your valuable time.

5)  Self-confidence. Hesitations and fear often cause even more mistakes, so trust your knowledge and skills when translating. At the same time, never take up a job you are not experienced enough to do, as a failure can harm your reputation.

6) Specialization. Choose an area of translation that you enjoy and specialize in. Expertise in a certain area of knowledge (legal, medical, technical language, etc.) will make your translations more accurate and consistent.

Written by Julia Zubkova
Professional Translator and Interpreter
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do all your best to be a good boss

Running your business is always a big risk for an owner and if you would like to be a good boss you should understand this. Do not be afraid to take risks but always think of a probability of a successful outcome. If it is rather high - do it. 
You must be responsible for your actions. But do not be afraid to make your own decisions. You do not need anyone to tell what you should do. Make right decisions very quickly because sometimes you do not have a lot of time to choose the right way. You will not be afraid to make decisions and you will make them very quickly if you have a plan. That is why, set your goals and implement your plan to succeed. Then you should work hard for the sake of your purpose. 
Next step for a great boss is to be a leader for your employees. It is very important when you can persuade most people to follow you. Remember that people must regard you as a qualified, ambitious and responsible person. This image helps you manage your workers and your business. 
Follow this advice and you will be an excellent boss in no time. However, do not forget that we are nothing without our health. Maybe it is the first and most important condition to be successful.

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