Sunday, January 29, 2017

Would you date a co-worker or a boss?

   Dating a co-worker or even your boss is almost always a challenge, or at the very least it is often a problem both for you and the coworker you date. It is only natural for people to start feeling romantic emotions when working together in an enclosed space of an office for long hours of work and so you may tend to like each other. Even so, there are certain risks and pitfalls associated with a romantic relationship that emerged at the office.
    If you find yourself willing to start dating a coworker, it may so happen that you may lose your job if your love is not serious. Losing your job may result because you may end up hating your coworker if things don’t work out and you won’t be able to stand his or her presence. Therefore, if you are sure about your partner, try not to hurry for a while and to keep your feelings under wraps from other colleagues.

   When hearing about office romances, people always ask questions like why would you need hiding your intimate relationship with a coworker from others? Is it something wrong or illegal? One can’t say that it’s bad, but there are risks that the romance will not turn out well and your reputation, as well as your career at a company, will be damaged.
   When an office romance occurs, there are three possible results: the relationship get spoiled, and your career is jeopardized; it ends with nothing and you both act as if nothing ever happened; the feelings work out, and dating develops into marriage.
   By applying the following measures, you can reduce the above risks and minimize any potential damage to your life:

  • Do not ever hurry in getting too close to a relationship with the coworker you care for. Try to become friends first, and then consider moving on.
  • Do not tell anybody about your romantic situation.
  • You and your loved one need to think of a plan to follow when people around will start gossiping about you.
  • Always keep the distance when you are together at the office.
  • Finally, get a clear idea of what the destination of dating and love is going to be.
   Most people would never date a coworker let alone a boss, yet, there are instances when relationships worked out and ended up in a marriage. It’s worth noting that happy ends I’ve heard of were possible only if the dating coworkers worked in different departments.

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